Evercoast City

The self stylized capital of the known world, just about anything can be found in Evercoast City, you just may not be able to afford it. Home to a plethora of races, the city is ultimately controlled by a royal Eladrin family line, which is advised by the current Archmage of the City, Archmage Norlanth. The city is broken up in to 5 different districts.

The Port District is located on the east side of the city, importing and exporting goods by way of the Evercoast Sea.

The Artisans’ District is located on the south side of the city, and it boarders the farmlands which extend from the city walls further south and the the West.

The Merchant District is located on the west side of the city.

On the north side of the city is the congested slums where much of the disenfranchised populous live. Many of them work either in the port district, or as trappers and hunters in the north. Containing the slums have been difficult, and they have pushed past the city walls and extended further north and east forming a poorer version of the port district where much of the less savory goods can be found and sold.

In the center of the City is the Royal district. It is surrounded by its own walls. Gates to the Royal district open an hour after sunrise and close an hour before sunset, because when the sun sets, the central district for the city vanishes into the Feywild due to an active gate that is built into the cities design. The central district reappears as the sunrises. Anyone who is outside of the Royal District before the sunsets will have to wait until the sunrises again before they can return to the rest of the city.


Evercoast City is currently being ruled by King Eroan, who took his father’s place after his father succumbed to illness. Soon after his coronation Eroan had to defend his city from his own brother, Ivran, who was trying to destabilize the city. After a year of civil unrest, Ivran was betrayed by one of his own lieutenants and his organizaton was destroyed. Ivran was captured, found guilty of treason, and exiled to the farmlands where he would be monitored and controlled. The city has since encountered a period of growth, in part due to the new Thieves guild that controls much of the under belly of the city. After spending a year in chaos due to the actions of one organized guild, it was agreed that controlling even the criminal aspects of the city would make the city more stable.

Evercoast City

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